Can jews dating non jews

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Indeed, it is difficult to have much sympathy for the younger Netanyahu who has been caught in the snare of racism even more virulent than his own.

In 2011, Yair publicly revealed his hatred of Arabs and Palestinians.

But as a symbol of the state, the younger Netanyahu’s personal choices will be scrutinized and excoriated when they butt up against the third rail of Israeli society: racial/religious segregation or “hafrada.” In Israel, the only legally recognized wedding ceremonies are those approved by religious officials authorized by the state.

For all of Israeli history, the power to determine who may marry and who may not has been held by a network of fundamentalist, ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

But, the fundamentalists and their ideological successors revised the Torah to determine which parts of the Israelite tradition would be passed down to future generations.

They went on to author the Talmud (the Jewish New Testament), which has eclipsed the Old Testament’s authority.

The propensity for Jewish people to marry partners from other ethnic groups is nothing new.This is less the case among Jewish communities outside Israel, where there are no legal restrictions on who Jews may marry.In the United States, for example, about fifty percent of American Jews marry non-Jews.In these cases, it may take years for the non-Jewish partner to receive Israeli citizenship, thanks to government policies making it difficult for non-Jews to become citizens.Thanks to the cash and connections available through his father, Yair can bypass these barricades with relative ease, if he chooses to do so.

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In Israel, any Jewish person who dates a non-Jew is not only bucking serious social pressure to date within the community, but also heading toward direct collision with the state, which does not permit so-called mixed marriages.

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