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I've tried nearly every "remedy" I can find through google and nothing seems to work for me. Although rare, some faulty drivers can also cause this error.

They are all made before even Windows 8 is released. Please note that there are only Win Vista and seven drivers are available. If you want, we can try to clean the old drivers and install the latest one. I ran a driver check and it listed a few that needed upgraded, so I found my machine on the HP official site and downloaded them from there.

When installing the S3 drivers use any model from the list. Other video drivers to try: the "Universal" drivers. "Voodoo" output in DOSBox console does not mean the game is using Glide. If you see "Glide: Activated" in DOSBox console then game uses Glide. Tested with 0.74, 7-23-2011 SVN, HAL9000 Megabuild 6, yhkwong 7-5-2011. If Windows constantly crashes causing Scandisk to always run and you want to disable Scandisk then read the following. Select "Never" Windows 98 Open "MSCONFIG", Click the Advanced button.

(This way you'll at least be able to navigate the interface). The above caused Windows to freeze and graphics corruption with Windows 95 and 95a. S3 driver is really for PCI video card but driver does not require it.

After installing Direct X 6 the SB16 may not work anymore. Add "imgmount 2 -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,xx,xx to the [autoexec] section of 4. -- Need verification on model of emulated video card. SYS modification 2GB image template uses 512,63,64,1023 The first always has to be 512 (should be omitted imo), the second can't be more than 63, the third is limited to 255 and the 4th to 1023. Look into providing smaller images for crazy mobile phone users.

Direct X 6 may update the audio drivers to v4. which is incompatible with DOSBox. These are the old BIOS limits DOSBox also implements. Windows ME reporting as working in yhkwong DOSBox build as of 8-25-2011 by Robertmo1.

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So I'm attaching a zip with the .speecy file in it that I was able to save. Avast drivers are directly blamed in the crash dump.