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Dating game aria

Having snuck up on Walder Frey (but not before feeding him his two sons inside a nice warm pie), then poisoned the entire male half of the remaining Frey dynasty in one sitting and outfought Brienne of Tarth in a friendly sparring match, seeing who Arya faces off with next has become a new highlight. Ser Ilyn Payne – for wielding the sword that killed her father (ALIVE but kind of forgotten about)4. Joffrey Baratheon – for ordering the deaths of her father and Mycah the butcher's boy (KILLED – poisoned by Olenna Tyrell)3.Thoros of Myr – for taking Gendry away (KILLED – attacked by zombie bear north of The Wall)9.Tywin Lannister – for leading the Lannisters against her brother Robb (KILLED – shot by Tyrion Lannister on the bog)10.The late Roose Bolton was never on the list, as she was unaware that he was present and heavily involved in the Red Wedding.The same goes for Ramsay Bolton's killing of Rickon and abuse of Sansa before he died.It can be played from start to finish, but still needs updated CGs, sprites, GUI and editing before it's considered whole.- Sometimes you will go to work instead of what you're supposed to do - Some voice acting is missing.

Maybe some people just aren’t cut out to date Tyrannosaurs. Meanwhile, the characters Polliver and Rorge were also briefly members of the list, for killing her friend Lommy and threatening to rape her, respectively.Arya got her revenge on both of them eventually, killing them herself while on her travels with The Hound.Ser Meryn Trant – for killing her master Syrio Forel and helping Cersei's coup (KILLED – eyes stabbed out then throat cut by Arya)11.Walder Frey – for his role in the deaths of her mother and brother (KILLED – throat cut by Arya)It could be said that Melisandre, Beric and Thoros have been phased out of the list, especially as one of the main reasons she added them was that they released The Hound, whom she has now also seemingly forgiven.

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