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Forced labour in the construction sector is one of the dominant forms of modern slavery in Qatar, reflecting the demand for cheap labour to build extensive infrastructure for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and National Vision 2030.

The ongoing construction of football stadiums, and the huge infrastructure projects required to access and service these locations, continues to see massive influxes of migrant labour who are vulnerable to abuse.

Anecdotal evidence suggests Qatari shipowners are hiring migrant labourers, predominately men from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines, Migrant fishermen are known to experience practices that may amount to forced labour such as limited and delayed payment of wages (for example, some men receive no wage and instead receive a percentage of that day's catch), forced overtime, poor living conditions and abandonment at sea.

Data on adult commercial sexual exploitation is scarce due to the significant social stigma of discussing sex and widespread denial of the existence of prostitution in Qatar.

Draft legislation specifically relating to domestic workers is currently under consideration.

Qatar has not ratified nor does it comply with ILO Convention No.189, the Domestic Workers Convention .

Information on the exploitation of migrant fishermen on Qatari boats is an emerging but under-researched area.

Terminology on this issue continues to be a cause for concern and heated debate in Qatar.

The word 'slavery' is deemed incorrect when discussing the exploitation of workers in Qatar and can create great offence to Qatari nationals.

The vast majority of construction workers are low, semi and unskilled.

They are almost exclusively male (99.4 percent in 2012 ) and are predominately from South and South East Asian nations—India, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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