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Portfolio Margin calculations are complex, specific to your account holdings and difficult to calculate manually – so if you are curious to see if Portfolio Margin could benefit you – use the TRY PM button in the TWS Account window to see how your current portfolio would look if you had a Portfolio Margin account. Market Value - Real FX Balances – displays total value of all positions, by asset class, sorted by currency.

Open positions are grouped by currency and by asset class, with real time values marked to market.

Apply for a paper account through Account Management.

TWS Account Window The Account Window in TWS is a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute account activity monitor that shows balances, margin, funds available for trading, current margin projections and your portfolio, with the ability to close positions right from the Account window.

The Portfolio window is a system generated tab to view your current portfolio holdings.

Whether you access from the TWS Mosaic Watchlist or Classic TWS Monitor, the Portfolio tab provides sortable real time position and P&L data for all assets held in your account.

IB's real time margin calculations allow you to understand the margin implications of any transaction before you transmit an order and continually enforce account limits, preventing trades if insufficient margin exists.

View the margin impact before transmitting either on the Order Confirmation message or if you disabled this message, right-click on an order row and select Check Margin.

These movements are done automatically to satisfy margin requirements.

The Balances section shows your account balances for securities, commodities and in total.

The important balances are displayed by default, expand the section using the green plus ( ) to view the available balances. To view just the projected margin or excess liquidity values for an expiring contract, double click the entry in the Account Information window.

You can trade, track activity, monitor portfolio P&L, determine margin requirements, learn market dynamics and more without risking your capital.

Paper accounts are available to current IB clients with an approved and funded account and will mirror your base currency, market subscriptions and trading permissions.

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Cash is automatically transferred between the account segments to satisfy margin requirements.