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The last thing either man or woman want is any aspect of a secret affair.Friends are honest with each other if they truly are good friends.I’m again not advocating which role style or way of life a man and woman, or husband and wife should live. No, I do not mean an equal as in each are of the same status or the same standing.Personal views have been left out of this post for the sake of others adding their own comments of the article as a whole. Man and woman have always been the yin and yang of human existence, the perfect match on earth. The roles are all over the place and are not defined.A modern cuckold also knows about his wife’s sexual involvement with others. The idea of such an open marriage, assuming that both partners enjoy such, is overall still beyond most married couples’ imaginations. The role of husband and wife, man and woman has altered vastly. He was a tough man taking care of his beloved wife and family.He earned the money, he gave the security, and he was labeled the man of the house.

He is ashamed in many ways and is private about such.She wore her heart on her sleeve and her man loved her just as she was.Today, however, man and woman, husband and wife are different.A traditional cuckold is a man who has an unfaithful wife.He learns of such but continues on with the marriage at hand.

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This trend in more affable marriages allows the cuckold to put great value on the relationship for sake of standard of living.

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